Writer’s Workshop:Zipping Around from Dusk to Dawn

The kids.

Before the kids came along I never though I would be so busy on a daily basis. I thought I would have time to myself to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.  I would be the mom who knew how to handle the kids antics and have a life too. The kids would sleep in their own room after they were back from the hospital and we won’t be doing co-sleeping.  Our parents didn’t co-sleep with us and so we shouldn’t need to co-sleep with our children.

What I overlooked was the fact that my kids would be on total breastfeeding as compared to formula feeding which I was on when I was little.  It didn’t feel logical to have to constant wake up and get out of bed countless time a night. Carry the baby over to the feeding chair, feed the baby then pop him back into the cot. I was zombified and knew that it surely wasn’t working.

In the end we went for co-sleeping and feeding on demand. The baby was happy and mommy can get the much needed rest which is needed to function normally.

As the kids grew older and more kids came into the equation more and more rules were being relax.

It used to be no junk food, no TV , no this and no that.

It is now – you may have TV time provided you finish your chores/ homework for the day. You can watch TV for 10-15 min while I’m busy attending to your brother or sister.

Everyday is a never ending roulette of waking up before the kids wake, prepare their meals, clean up, teach them , clear up, monitor their work, play with them, chauffeur them around, blog, bake, chores.

Getting everything done while being constantly interrupted by the baby is a daily challenge that I face. However I do take all these in my stride. I know that they are only kids once and deserve the best care and support that they can get from me.

How has your  perspective of parenthood changed since the kids were born?

What have you done to adapt to the changes?

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  1. I had a stack of books on fun activities to do with my children. I collected most of them before having children. I was so excited. We were going to make lots of crafts, play lots of games, and create our own exciting new adventures.

    Then, I had kids. Arts and crafts are way to messy. Tempera paints? Forget it! Bean bag tossing games became a fighting match among the children. I had children of different ages and different skill ability. They fought over turns. The oldest always won. It took a lot of preperation and participation on my part. I couldn’t just hand them a bean bag or a paper, crayons and scissors without constant supervision. It wore me out. Oh well. I’ll pass the books on to my children. Maybe they will be better parents and can do the activities with their kids.

  2. Our children make the world go round and round in such a joyous way…and then we’re lucky enough later down the happily merry road to have grand babies…to continue the journey!

  3. I too, have thought of how I was going to be once a parent. This all changed when I had my first, and second. My mother was living with us. I was the sister, not the mom. Yeah, it all went to hell. Long story.
    My third came when I was much older than the first two, I can now blame it on my push-over SO. He is so not a disciplinarian. I have to discipline him to discipline his kid! So I understand what you’re saying, you have all these rules that turned into flexibilities and next thing you know, they became your way of life. I try to do the right things, and it bothers me when people don’t follow the rules. But “how” is by looking at what the subject is and asking if you could see that behavior when they are 20, if not, then don’t sweat it, if it is something like being messy, not picking-up, then – it is a subject you must keep strict rules for. Although none of those things will kill them…:-)

  4. Different families do things different ways.

    I was one who kept a schedule, even though I breast fed. It just worked better for me to know I had some predictable time to myself.


  5. You got to do what works for you, and that’s what it looks like you are doing! I did things a lot differently with my last child – was in nursing school, had an eleven yr old boy and a 14 yr old daughter, …and a husband opening a new business in a new town which required a move for us. I made it by the grace of God and by being flexible!

  6. Quite a shock, huh, Dominique? 🙂 My first two childdren were twins which meant that the father gets very busy with working with the babies. The seemed both to want to eat at one time. Most mothers can’t breast feed twins and we weren’t an exception. So I did one bottlX, Mrs. X the other. When on cried, he woke up his brother. Again each of us walked a child, etc.

    Each child is different throughout his/her growing stages. Adults too!

    You think it will be like you wanted, sip tea, read, blog, etc when they leave home? Think again. We are still very involved with the kids and now the grandkids. When the time comes to opt out I will quietly rock in my rocking chair and watch the whole world go by. Oh yes, I will have grandatherly advice but will it be accepted, or for that matter, even listened to?

  7. Life definitely changes when children arrive. No denying. Enjoy every minute of it that you can. It zooms on by!

  8. Exactly what I experienced except the part on your daily routine.

    Your children are very disciplined and obident to watch TV for just 10-15min.

  9. These are great questions. My kids are grown now, so I can look back. I probably thought I would be patient and sweet all the time.
    You certainly have the right perspective. In retrospect, this time is so short and so precious.
    Every child is different and each new child comes into a family that is different from the one before.

  10. You have wonderful children! They are so well mannered and awesome! You have done a terrific job. I like the post you wrote today. Come visiit soon and enjoy the weekend.

  11. Wonderful post … children really are such a blessing …. enjoy them … they become teens and adults far too soon …

  12. I didn’t think I would get married, more so have a child!

    Up till age 35, I have never even dared to carry a baby or even push a stroller, although I work in Operations side at the restaurant and sometimes we needed to assist the parents in ‘parking’ their strollers so that it will not get in the way as they dine.

    My friends all popped babies, one by one, and although I attended baby showers, red egg days etc, the maternal instincts never kicked in, not until the day baby was born 😀

    Then all visions of a yummy mummy with aviators and 4 inch heels, immaculately groomed and carrying their toddler / baby with apparent ease on one hip disintegrated.

    I entered the real world – but I loved every minute of it… and I think it just gets better every day!

    1. @Regina,
      thanks for sharing your story. It’s great that you are enjoying yourself as a mom.

  13. Hello.
    I am not a parent, but I can understand how challenging parenting can be…I am child number 4 of 10!
    Each day is a new experience, a new memory to store up and cherish for when they are all grown up, have their own families and you feel like taking a trip down nostalgia lane (smile). Make the most of these moments, for they grow up too soon. Lovely post & photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Bookmark your calendar for June 2nd & come join me for Blog Hop Staurday!

  14. Your children are so adorable.

    I think the biggest perception was of time for me.

    I can’t believe how quickly it flew by for my children…and now it’s even faster with my Grandlittles.


    I felt like I treasured each moment, but I wish I could have another go of it!

    Thank you for sharing this.

    And thank you for being part of Alphabe-Thursday.

    It has been a joy to visit you each time you’re linked!

    Hugs and A+

  15. I’m always inspired by families with 3 (or more!) kids, and would love to hear if you have any practical tips for that! 😉 maybe fodder for a post? 😉

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