Writer’s Workshop:Zipping Around from Dusk to Dawn

The kids.

Before the kids came along I never though I would be so busy on a daily basis. I thought I would have time to myself to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.  I would be the mom who knew how to handle the kids antics and have a life too. The kids would sleep in their own room after they were back from the hospital and we won’t be doing co-sleeping.  Our parents didn’t co-sleep with us and so we shouldn’t need to co-sleep with our children.

What I overlooked was the fact that my kids would be on total breastfeeding as compared to formula feeding which I was on when I was little.  It didn’t feel logical to have to constant wake up and get out of bed countless time a night. Carry the baby over to the feeding chair, feed the baby then pop him back into the cot. I was zombified and knew that it surely wasn’t working.

In the end we went for co-sleeping and feeding on demand. The baby was happy and mommy can get the much needed rest which is needed to function normally.

As the kids grew older and more kids came into the equation more and more rules were being relax.

It used to be no junk food, no TV , no this and no that.

It is now – you may have TV time provided you finish your chores/ homework for the day. You can watch TV for 10-15 min while I’m busy attending to your brother or sister.

Everyday is a never ending roulette of waking up before the kids wake, prepare their meals, clean up, teach them , clear up, monitor their work, play with them, chauffeur them around, blog, bake, chores.

Getting everything done while being constantly interrupted by the baby is a daily challenge that I face. However I do take all these in my stride. I know that they are only kids once and deserve the best care and support that they can get from me.

How has your  perspective of parenthood changed since the kids were born?

What have you done to adapt to the changes?

Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It