Writer’s Workshop : Extra Special Gift



There are many different gifts which one can give. Some gifts can be very expensive but be meaningful while certain items which do not have a large price tag on can mean the world to you.  There are also gifts which can’t even be measured by the dollar.

The gift of time is something which is extra special and something which cannot be bought with money. It is something which I really treasure. Spending time with my loved ones and them taking time out to be with me is something that has a lot of meaning to me. Time is something which is really precious. You live for the moment and once it is gone it cannot be retrieved.

Those moments which just occurred will be etched in our memory forever. The time that we spent together on a family vacation. The time sitting together on a bench hand in hand, a walk in the park or just sharing a meal together. Being in the same space as the person/people that you love does make it extra special especially if these moments are not really easy to come by.

What extra special gift have you received this year?

What gift are you gifting your love ones?


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