The Tales of Old Green Eyes by Cathy Kennedy

Tale of the Old Green Eyes
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes by Cathy Kennedy is a story about two sisters and their adventures while staying with their grandparents over the weekend.  The story is based  on a story told to Cathy by her husband’s grandmother, grandma Sarah.


During their stay with their grandparents, Brittany and Nicole  learned about the  story about the panther- Old Green Eyes from their  great grandma. They were intrigued by the story that she told and how great grandma and her sister barely managed to escape from the panther back then when they went out to fetch a pail of water.

The sisters too had their own encounter with what they thought to be Old Green Eyes when they were out walking in the mountains the next day. Luckily for them it was the cat with the green eyes Mischief instead of a real panther which their great grandmother encountered back then.

My thoughts

I found this tale a rather light- hearted read about a visit and stay over at the grandparents house. The story was a bit shorter then I have expected as I was looking forward to more development of the plot. I didn’t really like the graphic as I found it a bit too serious for a children’s storybook.   The book will make a good  bedtime story read for elementary age kids.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Tale of Ole Green Eyes for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. This post has a compensation level of 3