Curious Critters by David Fitzsimons


Curious Critters by David Fitzsimons in the first children’s book which I have reviewed that has great hi-resolution photos of the actual insects/animals.

This book for children 4-8 year olds really captures the attention of the reader through the stunning images of the insects and animals.

David’s photography is simply top notch as he is able to capture up close through his camera the “essence” of the individual insects and makes one take a second take at insects that we may not even give a glance at in our everyday life.

Through the brilliantly taken photograph one is able to see up close the minute details of an animal like a frog and observe the texture, colour and shape from the legs to the eyes.

There are snippets of information about the characteristics of  each critter next to the insect/animal. There is even pages dedicated to informing you about their  natural history.

I found this book very informative and it would really capture the attention of little ones who are keen to learn more about critters.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of Curious Critters for review. Opinions are 100% my own.