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Gratitude is a Funny Thing

Gratitude is a funny thing

Gratitude is a funny thing

Gratitude Is a Funny Thing by Kathy Walsh is a fun and colorful book aim at explaining the concept of Gratitude to Pre-schoolers.

The 28 page book gives a young child an insight on what gratitude is. They are given explanations on what gratitude means and how they can experience and pass it on to others.

In the book Gratitude is  liken  to  singing.  It is something that can be felt in various degrees of intensity. It  sings louder if you spread it out. It is something to be shared with others which will find it’s way back to you.

My thoughts  

I read this book together with my  four year old. She really enjoyed looking at the graphics while reading through the pages. It gave her a clearer understanding of the message which the Kathy was trying to convey through the story.  The bright colors used in the pictures and child-like drawing also helped capture her attention while reading through the book.

It was an enjoyable read for both of us.

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Night Buddies:Imposters and one Far Out Flying Machine

Night Buddies Book Cover

Night Buddies Book Cover

Night Buddies, Impostors, and One Far-Out Flying Machine by Sands Hetherington is the 2nd book in the  Night Buddy series.John Degraffenreidt adventures with Crosley a bright red crocodile starts when he has to go to bed. Instead of falling asleep like normal little boys, John and his crocodile go on an adventure as part of a Night Buddy Program to solve crime.

Every night the pair goes on assignments given by the Crenwinkle the group leader. Crosley has a I-D gimcrack which identifies him a a member of the Night Buddy. This pass also gives him free access to equipment/items from a pharmacy and any other retailer  that he needs to carry out his mission. Doesn’t it sound like something really great to have?

This night the case they were on was to find out who has been impersonating Crosley and running around the town creating havoc. Crosley and John had to track down this group of imposter and clear his name.

The pair had to evoke Plan Q to find out who the culprits were and had a really thrilling time going after the iguana gang.

My thoughts

I found the book really engaging and entertaining.  It was unlike the normal mystery stories for kids which I have read.  Pitched at for kids 8+ it is just right for my  9yrs old reading ability. It has a very innovative storyline which involves a parring of a crocodile and a boy who goes around solving crime using food as one of their choice of weapon.

Even though it is really creative of the writer to come up with a special speech pattern for Crosley is not one which I will condone for kids to use.  I will have to read the book together with him as I am not in favor of him picking up the “unique ” patterns of speech by Crosley as it would certainly affect his writing skills and expressions  used in written composition.

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