Elmer in the snow – A Children’s Book Review

Elmer in the Snow by David McKee is one of the books we were reading this week.

This is the second  Elmer storybook which I picked up for the boys to read. The first one was  Elmer and the Rainbow.

I was entrigued by how the  patchwork elephant who tried to make his fellow elephants feel better by bringing them on a trip through the colourful and warm jungle. His friends were feeling blue as they were feeling cold.

Unknown to him they were walking up to the mountains instead and into the snowfields instead. Imagine the joy on the faces of the elephants as they saw snow for the very first time. They had so much fun playing in the snow that they didn’t realised Elmer had sneeked away and built an lifesize white elephant.

They were shocked when they saw this white elephant and thought that Elmer was frozen stiff. The cheeky little elephant was hiding in a corner and getting ready to aim the snowballs that he had previously prepared at them.

They had a snowball fight and before long it became dark and the elephants had to leave and head home.

The boys like reading the book as there were colourful pictures which spread through the book.

There are some  follow up winter activities mentioned in this Winter Activities page. I intend to do the art and craft activity with them this weekend if time permits.

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