SOC: Tackling an Infection

It has been a roller coaster week for me as Doggie boy has been tackling a stomach infection. This is the 3rd time this week that we have brought him to see the doctor. This morning we brought him to see the doctor at the hospital so that they could give him a thorough checkup. The doctor sent the stool sample to the lab for checking and we will get back the report on Thursday.

His diarrhea has not cleared even after being medicated for almost a week. He is still on antibiotics and I’m really thinking of keeping him home next week till he fully recovers. This is the 1st time that he is suffering from bloody stools and it has been a real scare for me. Luckily his fever is gone since midweek and he was able to enjoy himself in Bali with us. We didn’t take part in too many activities while we were on holiday and had a really relaxing time there.

How has your week been?