SOC: Enjoying the Multicolour Spectacular

This week I have been busy uploading and going through all the photos/videos that we took last week while on vacations to Taiwan. It has been a difficult week getting back into momentum. It’s much more tiring dealing with 3 kids then just one.

Looking back at the colourful pictures of the lanterns  that we saw last week really rejuvenates me. Colour really does have its wonders in perking one up and brightening up the day. I really like having colour sprinkled into my live and last week was really very colourful.

I’ve also been “colouring” up my blog here on Dominique’s Desk by adding in guest post from guest bloggers, doing product/book reviews and from next week onwards will add in giveaways as and when I’m able to. I’m looking to build this blog up to a higher level and hopefully hit my targets I have set for myself on this blog.