Christmas Music Moves Me

christmas 2007 © by paparutzi

Spotlight Dancers
We are off this week on our vacations to Bali, Indonesia. Before I leave I am leaving you with a snapshot of what I have lined up for this week in my absence.  I will be having  a few guest bloggers  here on Dominique’s Desk to share their insides into dealing with Tweens and Spirituality.  I will also be posting some more pictures which we took last week at the rock climbing school and also some of Doggie boy’s end of year concert.

Here’s my Christmas song sharing for the week. Alvin and The Chipmunks singing Christmas Don’t Be Late.



1. Monday’s are _________?

Hangover from the weekend. Time to get off the couch and back into routine. Cutting down on feasting and getting back on track.

2. What is your favourite milkshake?

It’s either chocolate of strawberry.

3. What monthly bill do you most dislike paying?

The electric bill. I shudder seeing the amount we have to pay each month as the electric charges only seem to keep on increasing lately.

4. How many email addresses do you use on a regular basis?

I have three different e-mails which I check daily.

5. What color lights are on your Christmas Tree?

Invisible as we don’t have any Christmas Tree  up this year.