Good Enough Parenting- The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents

Good Enough Parenting
Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents (Toddlers and Young Children from Ages 1-6) by Lisr Fair talks about how as a parent it is possible for you to exercise positive discipline through the various stages of your child’s life.

In the 7 chapters of the book Lisl show how you can develop effective methods of disciplining your children and help develop their character at the same time.  Discipline is one of the hardest part of parenting and with the tools that she gives the readers it will only make the job easier.

The book gives a framework which aids parents in their parenting decisions and how to make informed decisions regarding their children from 1-6 yrs old.

Lisl shows the readers  the different ways that parents can show their love and affection for their children.  It can be as simple as telling your child daily that you enjoy spending time with him, allocating certain time slots just for him and be happy to have him around etc. Most important is to acknowledge your child and also take pride in his achievements.

She also talks about the negative impacts caused by inactive discipline methods like screaming and shouting, name calling and shaming.

My thoughts

It isn’t easy being a parent. Every child has different set of problems and one technique which may have worked with the eldest may not work with his siblings.

I agree with Lisl that that it is really ineffective discipline by shaming your child into obedience as in the long run you will only build up resentment in the child. Threatening and ignoring the behaviour also does little in correcting the problem. It only compounds it based on personal experience.

Reading through this book made me re-examine my parenting goals with my kids. Even though I only have 1 child within the 1-6 yr old range as the other two boys are older.  I need to reassess the boundaries which I have set the kids and redraw them as they grow older.

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