Marching Forward this Monday

Tiger girl

It has been about two months since Tiger girl entered school. A lot has changed in these few months.  She seemed to have matured since she passed her 2nd birthday. She is more independent and has learned how to care for her siblings. She is like the little monitoress at home reminding her elder brothers to complete their task on time. She is able to pick up after herself and help out at home more now. She insists on bathing herself , picking out her clothes and wearing them herself.

Tiger girl is also coping very well in school. There are no tearful goodbyes and she settled into the school routine almost effortlessly.  I can see that all the preparation that I have been doing with her all this while has been paying off.  Every day she comes home happily singing tunes/ rhymes that are being taught in school. She is no longer the ” innocent baby” and now is a real good negotiator which is apt in getting her point /wants across to all.

Are your kids growing up very quickly too? Photobucket

Sharing the latest song by a Taiwanese singer- Raine Yang