Kids Motivate Me this Monday

The boys

Enjoying their skateboard at Labrador Park

Last weekend we went skateboard shopping  at Toysrus after Monkey boy did exceeding well in school this year. He picked out this black skateboard for himself. Initially he though that he would be getting a good deal as there was two skateboards bundled together in the packaging. He would be able to get a skateboard each for himself and Doggie boy.  Priced at $50 he would have $50 left over from the budget of $100 I gave him for his purchase.Little  did he know that $50 was the price for one skateboard only .

Being a generous brother he decided to spend $50 on the skate board and the remaining money on a Micro Charger toy set which Doggie boy has been eying as a birthday present for his upcoming 6th birthday.  Nevertheless he did get his younger brother his birthday present and both the boys are taking turns with the skateboard instead.  It was really heart warming to see that he thought about his brother’s wants and not just his own.


Did your kids do anything on the weekend to touch your heart?


Sharing with you Doggie boy and Tiger girl’s favourite cartoon shows.

1. Tayo the bus.

2.Porroro The Little Penguin