Weekend Reflections: Setting and Achieving Goals

Monkey boy

Next week is the end of the school term for Monkey boy. Besides marking the end of his academic year as a Primary 2 student it is also time to review his academic achievements for the year.

On Friday it will be a new milestone for him as he will be standing on stage to accept his award for outstanding academic performance this year. We are very proud of him for coming in 3rd in standard and best in English.  It will certainly be the highlight of the month to see my 1st born on stage getting his award from the principal.  All the hard work that he has put in and me coaching him has paid off.

At the begining of the year Monkey boy sat down with us to set  his academic goals for the year. He has been wanting for us to buy him a skateboard as he has dreamt about owning his own skateboard to move around. We felt that he should work hard and earn his right to owning a skateboard. He shouldn’t be given things that he desire so easily and should be taught to work for it.

With the chance of owning the skateboard as the main incentive we decided on what grade that he should achieve for this present to be bought for him. The goals that we set had to be something that he had to work for to obtain. It shouldn’t be too easily obtainable or beyond his ability.

Monkey boy has always been quite strong academically so we decided to set the goal at being in the top 5 % of the class and also achieve a Distincition for his Grade 2 Piano examination.

I wasn’t that sure if he would be able to get a  Distinction for Piano and reach the goals which we set as he hasn’t been really consistent in his performance in school this year. It was a pleasant surprise that he managed to achieve  even better then the goals we have set.

Well done boy.. it’s time to go skateboard shopping 🙂
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