Weekend Reflections: Celebrating Chinese New Year

the kids

The kids

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year and welcomed the Year of the Snake. This year’s celebration was more sombre then last year. There wasn’t any fancy meal preparations for Chinese New Year eve dinner. We didn’t cater food or  cook special delicacies for the reunion dinner. In fact we decided to cook  something  simple and have the dishes that the kids loved to eat instead.

Tiger Girl in her CNY Costume

Tiger girl in her  2nd CNY Costume

This year Tiger girl didn’t just have one Chinese New Year Costume to wear. She had four!!  She could have a new set of clothes for each day of visitation which we had.

Tiger girl's 3rd CNY costume

Tiger girl’s 3rd CNY costume

She loved this costume as it was the most comfortable to run around in.

Tiger girl with both her grandmothers.

Tiger girl with both her grandmothers.

It is really fun dressing up a girl for a festive occasion. Do you like dressing up your kids too?


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