Top 10 items to do with the kids this holiday

the kids

Year end holidays start in a weeks time. The kids will have a six week break before the new school term starts again in January 2013. I have planned a lot of activities to fill up their time and give them a great holiday.


  1. The kids will be going on not one but two trips overseas with us.
  2. They will be having play dates with their friends.
  3. We will be watching Mickey Mouse Live in the Theatres.
  4. We will be going to various parks and playgrounds all over Singapore.
  5. Carrying out Science experiments at home and other fun DIY projects.
  6. Visiting libraries and museums.
  7. Reading up and preparing for the next academic year.
  8. Going to the beach
  9. Riding bicycle and swimming.
  10. Spending a lot of time with both me and R.

What do you have planned for your kids this school holiday season?

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