Enjoying Nature with Macro Shots

pink flowers

Last weekend we brought the kids out to Labrador park.  It has been a few years since we last been to the park and I felt that it was a great place for Monkey boy to try out his new skateboard. I had  the chance to take some photos of the flora at the park while the kids were enjoying themselves.

White flower

I saw a really lovely white flower and couldn’t resist to take a shot  using the Macro function of my DSLR. I’ve yet to figure out how to use the manual functions as yet so I’m still snapping on the presets on the dial.


Ixora is one of the common plants that we have in Singapore and there were plenty at this park.

White Spider lily

Another common flower in our tropics the Spider Lily

I’m really hoping to be able to get a Macro 100 lens this Christmas. I think that there would be a real difference between using a Macro lens and the Macro functions on the camera.

Do you love snapping Macro shots too?
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42 thoughts on “Enjoying Nature with Macro Shots”

  1. Great photos! Photography is a wonderful hobby. Thanks for hosting the hop! I’ll grab your buttons for Amanda’s Books and More. I also linked up my photography blog, 1camera1mom.

  2. I love macro photography! However… I would love suggestions on a good Canon lens. I did not care too much for the one I purchased.

  3. I do like macros, however, I found that I grow tired pretty quickly of the really, really macro shots. The details you can see in them are amazing though.

  4. I am saving up for Macro lens at the moment as I love macro shots and would love to be able to take my own. You’ve taken some lovely pics there.

  5. Nice shots there Dom. My handphone has a macro camera mode too and I use it to take close up shots as well. I like using my mobile for snaps as it allows me to be spontaneous.

    1. @Susan,
      My android doesn’t have macro.. so will have to use the DSLR 🙂 Great to hear that the iphone has one

  6. These are beautiful shots! I’m currently saving for a DSLR camera although it is not really a priority. I would love to take beautiful pictures with it.

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