Top Ten Tasks within My Job

 My most demanding little boss.

Being a mom is a job with lots of responsibilities. There are 101 things that have to be done and very tight deadlines. Here is a list of  top ten task within my job.

  1. The Problem Solver.
    You are 24/7 on call and expected to deal  and fix problems and incidents as and when they happen irregardless of what time of the day it is.
  2. The Fairy god mother
    The kids can have the darnest request like I want an Angry Bird 3D cake for my birthday and mummy has to magically produce one for him.
  3. The Multi-tasker
    The person who is suppose to be able to ensure that dinner is cooked while getting the kids to do their homework. This same person also needs to be able to clean up the house with a little toddler clinging on to her legs or insisting to be carried all the time.
  4. The Judge
    Listening to facts and arguments placed by both parties before deciding on the proper sentence required.
  5. The Chauffeur
    Fetching and sending the hubby and kids to school/classes before doing the grocery run and meetups for play dates.
  6. The Financial planner
    The person in-charge of budgeting and handling of the household income who is answerable to the paymaster.
  7. The Circus Trainer
    Responsible for training/guiding the kids in developing their various skills which can be showcased.
  8. The Chef
    Having to ensure that everyone’s tummy doesn’t go hungry and all different palettes are satisfied with home cooked meals/bakes.
  9. The Teacher
    Providing help relating to academic, non-academic and social skills development.
  10. The Strategist
    Setting up work plans for the kids and guiding them to reach their maximum potential.

 What tasks does your job encompass?

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