Top 10 Places to Rear Fishes

Two weeks ago when we were in Korea we brought the kids to the Coex Museum. It was a really fun visit and they have many ingenious displays of where fishes can be kept.

Presenting the top 10 places  to rear fishes

Vending MachineAs part of the display within a vending machine.

bead headAs part of your bed head .

tank in a tank

Having a combination of both. Digital fish and real fishes within a tank.


Within a mailbox. Love how they added Spiderman figurines in the tank too.

traffic light

Within the traffic light.

fire extinguisher

Within a fire extinguisher

toilet bowl

In the toilet bowl

in a pondaquariumIn an aquarium. These fishes were really huge. Look at how enormous they look in comparison to Doggie boy’s head.

in the sink

In a fish shaped sink

Where do you keep your fishes?

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