Sweet Motivational Treats on a Monday

Hi Tea Set at TCC

Hi Tea Set at TCC

Tasty foods and sweet treats have always a motivator for me. I look forward towards the weekend when I can eat out and try various different foods at recommended cafes and joints.  During one of the weekends out with R we went on a tea date at TCC while the kids were all over their grannies for the afternoon.

Having time to  spent with him without the kids is something which I really look forward to. Time spent as a couple is time which I really treasure. It’s really difficult to get time away from the kids without  and with R traveling for work so often it’s extremely difficult to schedule couple time. Time is really very precious for me.

Besides having the kids as my motivators, one of my motivators is counting down the days till I meet up with R again.
Absence does make the heart fonder and it works as a push to get me working hard to achieving my goals.

Does the potential to spend  time together with your love one motivate you?

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 This week I am sharing this classic tune by Earth Wind and Fire.