Motivational Pictures and Romantic Music on a Monday


Capturing your attention with a dash of colour.

Last Monday I wrote about my study partner and how I am learning how to take better shots with my DSLR.  Over the weekend while out with the kids at the park I took the opportunity to photograph the flora and fauna around us.

It’s amazing what one can capture  and through the different ways of editing the photograph the effect can be drastically different. The same object looks different when it is taken at different angles and after it has been processed differently.

the flowers

Using the different filters one can depict the mood of dreaminess and serenity  as seen in the shot above. The blurry background also helps to keep your focus on the flower in the center.

cross processed

Having the colours cross processed and framed in CinemaScope “ages” the photo  and gives one a sense of nostalgia.

I’m still learning to mix and match the different filters to give maximum effect to the raw photos which I have snapped. It really makes a great difference to the picture after doing all the editing.

How do you edit your photos to give them maximum visual effect? Photobucket

This week I am sharing the latest song by Ah Du a local Singaporean singer singing Valentines Day.