Wikki Stix- A Review

Wikki stix


A few weeks ago I received a packet of Wikki sticks or the kids to try out.  For those who haven’t heard about them they are from the USA and basically  flexible  sticky sticks, which you can twist, bend, and join together to create your  own unique piece of art. They feel extremely sticky to the touch when I initially handle it but after some time the stickiness didn’t bother me too much. It was also relatively easy to clean up any impressions left on furniture using a damp cloth.

The stixs came with a instruction sheet with examples of types of designs that you can create with the sticks.  After reading through the instructions I demonstrated  to the kids how to create a stick man using two different coloured Wikki stixs.

Doggie boy trying out the sticks.Doggie boy was the first one to try out the stixs after my demonstration. You can see him here trying to create his own masterpiece.

Tiger girl doing art

Tiger girl wanted to get her hands on some sticks and was eagerly  watching to see how her brothers were making their masterpieces with it so she could follow suit.

their creations

The boys created  Airplanes with their Wikki Stixs.  I love how they added on the details like the engines and tail with using different colours.  It’s amazing what the kids can come up with the stixs in their hands.

Wikki Stixs are certainly mess free and much more friendly to use then traditional playdough.  They really make good filler activities for the kids on a rainy day.


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For more information on Wikki Stix, check out www.wikkistixasia.com or Facebook/Wikki Stix Asia.


Disclaimer: I received a sample pack of Wikki Stixs for review purposes. All opinons are 100% my own.