Rocksford Rock Oprea- A Review

Rockfords Rock Oprea

A few months  back I received this online storybook for review. There were many chapter in the book and we took a really long time to get through it as I only showed a chapter on the book each week to Doggie boy and Monkey boy.

Rockford Rock Opera is about a the adventures a  boy named Moog and his dog (Rockford) went through. The whole story is 16 chapters long and we didn’t get through the whole book as only 4 chapters were allowed to be read free with the option to purchase access to the remaining chapters. Our access to the rest of the book must have expired as we took more then one month to read the book.

In this story Moog and Rockford traveled to the mystical island of Infinity where they go on a real adventure. This book is unlike other online storybooks which we have read. There is the injection of songs within the chapter which breaks the monotony of just listening to the chapter being read out aloud.

The story was more suited for my 8 year old as he really loved listening to the story. My 5 yr old interest  was quickly diminished after the 1st chapter as the story didn’t really suit him.

My thoughts:

I love the fact that there were many resources there which I could tap on further enhance the learning experiences of my kids. There were lessons plans for ages 5-7 and 7-11 years old which are divided into Science, Literacy and Design.  There were also music sheets, fun activities and crafts which one can follow up with.

I certainly recommend this  free online story book and now there is a chance to view it on IPAD as it can be download from ITUNES free.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary access to  Rocksford Rock Opera for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.