Weekend Reflections: Bowling and Go-Karts

Doggie boy bowling
Last weekend the kids wanted to go bowling so we brought them to Raffles Town Club for a  bowling session.

Monkey boy bowling

It was Doggie boy vs Monkey Boy and the boys were neck to neck all throughout the 10 frames.  In the end when the final scores were tallied Doggie boy had the higher score and was absolutely thrilled to have beaten his brother at bowling.

Tiger girl

Tiger girl was cheering her brothers on from the sidelines and giving them moral support.

Grandma and Tiger girlThe kids didn’t want to go home after bowling and requested to go to the park. Grandma went along with us for a Go-Kart session at  West Coast Park. The boys enjoy riding on the Go-Karts which are available for rent at the park. However we do not rent the Go-Karts for them each time we visit West Coast Park as they are really pricey .  The rental for 3 Go-Karts for half and hour set us back by nearly $50!!

The boys

The boys had their own Go-Kart while R and I hired a double seater so that we could take Tiger girl around for a spin too.

Tiger girl and DaddyThe two of them posing for a picture.

Tiger girl and meIt was really fun cycling around with her and it got quite challenging trying to pedal uphill at certain parts. It would be great too if there was a safety belt feature for the seats as I had to have one hand on her while cycling to prevent her from falling off the seat in the event if I needed to brake abruptly. The kids are really lucky   to have such fun places to visit during the weekend. It certainly adds colour to their childhood.

How was your week?
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