Weekend Reflections: Budding Flowers

Message about children

Message about children

Life has changed a lot since the kids arrived. No doubt there  has been constant changes and revisions to our lifestyles it certainly has been for the better. A lot of adjustments have been made over the years for our expanding family and it’s growing needs. There is rapid changes in the dynamics of the family as the kids grow and we age.

Like the flowers that I have been buying weekly, kids  come in different shades with different personalities. Each of them with their unique qualities and charisma moving from a bud into full bloom as they pass through their childhood.

Whether the bud blossoms and blooms has to do with our careful nurturing and pruning. The correct amount of watering and fertilizer given will ensure that the flower will be able to come into full bloom and be it’s prettiest in time to come.

As a parent I hope to be able to be there to witness the kids blossoming and for them to come into their full potential when they become adults.

Do you have the same wish as a parent?



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