Breaded Chicken Salad on a Friday

Breaded Chicken Salad

Breaded Chicken Salad

This year one of my resolutions was to eat more healthy foods. I  have been striving to to cut down on junk/processed  food and eat more greens and fruits.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of eating unhealthy as it is easier to prepare and taste better. However I seriously don’t need all the additional calories and fats that come along with it. Not to mention the potential health problems which I may face in old age.

I’m also trying to advocate eating of more fruits and vegetables among the kids so that it will be easier to incorporate good eating habits in them from young.

Eating right is the first step to healthy living.  We ourselves decide what  we put into our body and know firsthand how it affects our well being.  It may not be easy to see the effects that a change in diet has on my lifestyle immediately but I’m sure that over time it will certainly boost my energy levels further.

Are you trying to eat right too?

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