SOC: Junk in your Beef

This week I’ve seen some really disturbing videos. It got me thinking of how terrible it is that retailers are exploiting one’s health in the name of  profit. If you have seen Jamie Oliver’s clip above on how ” Grounded Beef” is made with Ammonia and that it is in about 80% of all beef patties and processed food. It’s really disgusting how some people give zero value  to other people’s lives and willingly sacrifice  the other person’s health just to make more profits.  I have heard about so many fake products made in China and now there are fake meats in USA too!!

I know that in China there is fake milk formula, pork being passed off as beef, fake eggs and a whole list of chemically created food. It got me wondering what foods are safe for consumption then?  Is it possible that there are fake vegetables and seafood too?? Or  just that they haven’t been called out and identified by the whistle blowers yet.  That’s a really scary thought.

I guess from now onwards I need to be more stringent on what foods enter our mouths and to check thoroughly the source and ingredients used in making it. I’ll start by removing all the sweets and questionable stuff that we have in our kitchen.



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  1. I have also learned that chicken are soaked in chemical before being taken to the market and that the process also develops bacteria in it. Horrifying isn’t it? I really don’t know what to eat anymore unless maybe to have my own farm. Seriously!

    1. @shook,
      It seems to be getting from bad to worst.. no choice have to be more prudent now especially in choose foods for our kids.

  2. This is terrible. I would do organic all the way if it wasn’t so expensive! I have also heard there is cyanide in orange juice and apple juice. Where will it end?

  3. Yikes! Yes, it’s a crazy world huh? I was in China when the whole melamine milk contamination blew up. Scary times. I’m more careful about what I eat and feed my son here because some street food vendors used questionable stuffs. We had some ‘fake fried chicken’ – made out of rats or borax contained meatballs.

  4. You’d be surprised some of the nasty things they put in our food supply. We try to go as natural as we can but it’s so expensive that it isn’t always possible. People definitely need to be aware of it though.

    1. @Ellen,
      It’s really expensive to go au natural here too especially since all our food is imported.

  5. Have you ever watched Food Inc.?? So interesting, and yet disturbing, and made me thankful I gave up beef many years ago. But for my family who hasn’t, it taught me what to look for when purchasing meat now.

    1. @Perspective Parenting,
      I haven’t seen that show before. However since I have been aiming to eat more health foods I’ve cut down a lot of meats from our diet and we eat more fruits and vegetables now.

  6. That is so gross!!!! I am actually kind of happy I don’t eat a lot of meat in general, and if I do, it tends to be chicken or turkey…not that it is probably any better!

  7. It is soooo scary. You see these things and you wonder how it’s been affecting your health all these years that we didn’t know about it. Even worse is wondering about all the “fake” and messed up foods that haven’t been brought to our attention yet. Eeek! Who knows what we’re ingesting everyday? So scary and overwhelming.

    1. @Amanda,
      It sure is overwhelming.. just have to trust that we are doing the best in preventing harmful substances from entering our bodies.

  8. Pink slime is so gross! It makes me want to get my meat at the farmer’s market so I can talk to the farmer. Or maybe I’ll eat halal and kosher meat – maybe the workers treat the meat better when they think God is looking over their shoulders.

    1. @Erin,
      I’m seriously thinking of whether to get those meat grinding extensions to add to my kenwood mixer.. maybe it’s time I use the mixer for more things then just baking.

    1. @Tanya,
      I can’t go local as in Singapore we import most of our food from Malaysia, Indonesia or other countries. There is no space for farms.

  9. I’m sorry to hear this. I wish all people everywhere had accessibility to real food! It’s hard here in the states, I can only imagine the difficulty there. It is disturbing.

  10. Did you see in the last few weeks how schools are taking away Mommy’s lunch and forcing the kids to eat the school’s lunch because Mommy’s wasn’t nutritionally good enough? I bet Mom’s was so much better than this! Also, which government agency is making the money off of giving our kids this slime? This is so disgusting. Another reason to homeschool.

  11. It’s so disgusting that retailers pull these tricks on us. It sure makes me think twice before ordering a hamburger out, but we can’t help but wonder what is next, like you indicated. The only way we can help ourselves is to stop buying. I think the pocketbook is the only way to get our word out. Money talks, and less of it to retailers might make them listen. I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

  12. It totally disgusts me to see slime in foods that I could buy at the grocery store and feed to little ones. If that’s not gross, I don’t know what is.

  13. For me Im thinking we need to have gardens and grow chemical free, finding chicken that is not tainted full of salt and who know what else is difficult. We have to be very careful about any packaged foods, to many things in there I have never heard of. If I cant pronounce the word, its not part of my menu.
    I am coming from the Grand Event FB group. Just shared this post to Twitter
     Hope that you can come visit Oh! My Heartsie would love a visit 🙂  Thanks so much, Karren

  14. Thank you for bringing awareness to this sickening process going on with our food. It is a dirty shame all in the name of money. Not only are animals badly mistreated theres so much crap fed to them that our food is turning into frankenfood. Fake foods too yes disgusting.

    Great post thank you for that 🙂

  15. Have you seen that pink slime stuff that they are feeding students in some schools?! YUCK!! Everything to save a buck.

  16. Great 5 min post. This is very disgusting and disturbing. I’m not a farmer or a gardener but it sure makes me wish I had some kind of skills in the dept.

  17. So it is good for our dogs and our kids? I honestly wish I could comment with all these nasty faces.

    I’m all for using the whole beast and not wasting BUT I don’t want all the byproducts and chemicals. How sad.

    We need to respect our food from the time it is born to the slaughter to our plates.

    The problem is that many times we just don;t know unless you go out and slaughter/hunt it yourself. How many of us do that with all our food? Not many.

    Thank you for the enlightening.


    1. @Allie,
      thanks for dropping by and for your comments. I guess nowadays most people will be weary of all meats and being more inclined to eat vegetables and fruits.. at least there is only pesticides to deal with those and not byproducts and ingested chemicals.

  18. It is getting bad… the biggest problem I have is that they don’t have to tell you the pink slime is in your meat… so you don’t KNOW if you’re getting it or not. I did see this weekend a few stores came out and said they do not carry meat that has the pink slime filler in it… of course whole foods was one of them, but they were not the main stream grocery stores I have in my area. 🙁 I’m going to be so glad when the farmer’s markets open again. 🙂

  19. It’s really a shame how our food supply is so broken that in order to eat “real” food you have to be vigilant and even better, know your farmer. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. @Kelly,
      yes it’s broken beyond repair. Our ancestors had it much better then us. At least they knew they were eating real food and not Fake or genetically engineered foods.

  20. Wow. I think I avoid reading about this kind of stuff because I don’t want to think about it and don’t want to know the truth. But I’m starting to think I should open my eyes.

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