Guest Post: Ten Inexpensive ways to add Beauty to Your Home

There are many ways which one can beautify your house without bursting the bank.

Here are ten ways which you can jazz up your living spaces.

1. Create a wreath from the flowers you have in the home.


2. Buy a new tablecloth or place mats for your kitchen or dining room table.

Sometimes you can even find a nice one at a garage sale.


3. Frame postcards or greeting cards in a floating frame.


4. Display inexpensive, decorative soaps in pretty china bowls.

5. Wallpaper the back of your bookshelves.


6. Put Christmas lights in a jar for a cool side lamp.


7. Display decorative candles on a mantel or coffee table.

Photo by Photoxpress

8. Display decorative dessert plates on the wall in a dining room or living room.


9. Cover a blank canvas with pretty scrapbooking paper or paint it one bold color.



10. Use stacked books for a side table.


The Fruitful Home


Tanya, mother of two teenagers and  author of  “The Fruitful Home” The blog is about having a fruitful and productive home.  It includes everything from couponing to selling things on ebay, and a little bit in between.