Top 10 Things which I Though I would Never Do

Doggie boy posing in front of a very yummylicious dessert bowl.

This week the topic is on confessing ten things we said we would NEVER do but caught ourselves doing it. However I feel that it would be more appropriate if I wrote on Top 10 Things which I Though I would Never Do

In no particular order

  1. Be happy to be out of the rat race.
    I actually told my supervisor more then once that my ambition was to be a housewife!
  2. Be able to go on holidays any time of the year.
    I used to be restricted to being able to go on holidays only during school holidays and that’s when it’s peak surcharge time. However since I’m on NPL we can plan trips the whole year around. I’ll be leaving on my next holidays in two weeks time and we are going  to Taiwan this time.
  3. Be unable to get a full night’s sleep.
    I’m still hoping that the baby will stop waking up so frequently in the night so that I’ll be able to get at lest 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep instead of the 2 hours that I am currently getting.
  4. Be okay with losing 100% of my privacy.
    I never expected to be shadowed by the baby 24/7. She screams when I am out of her radar and refuses to let anyone else entertain her.
  5. Enjoy cooking and baking.
    I only started having interest in cooking and baking after the kids were born. Before that I rather have others do the cooking and order takeout.
  6. Be okay with the kids messing up the living room doing arts and crafts.
    I used to hate cleaning up and still do not fancy doing it however it’s now okay for them to mess it up a bit if they are doing painting or baking together with me.
  7. Be so excited when the kids reach different milestones.
    It’s really so much more exciting and rewarding seeing kids achieving things the it happening to me personally.
  8. Learn something like rollerblading even though I still have the fear of falling down.
    Falling down and breaking my bones still freaks me out however I did go and learn how to rollerblade so that I can go along with Monkey boy when he started his rollerblading class. However now with Tiger girl around the skates are in cold storage and will most probably stay there.
  9. Change my eating habits and lifestyle
    Actively seeking and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that I can be a good role model to the kids.
  10. Putting my foot down when it comes to my kids/family
    I never thought I would be able to remove/ reduce  all the toxic people around us but so far we are doing great with eliminating their influence on our lives.


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