The Worldwide Dessert Contest

The Worldwide Dessert Contest by Dan Elish  is one of the most interesting food related book which I had read. It centers around the chef John Applefeller who annually comes in last in for the  coveted Silver Spoon in the Worldwide Dessert Contest held every July.

John has been at this contest for the past 10 years and have never won even though his baking skills are superior to the reigning the self-proclaimed King of Dessert, Sylvester S. Sweet as his apple dessert magically changes to something different at the last minute. His apple desserts kept turning into other things like apple french toast became knee pads used by the Olympics teams, his apple souffle became a hot air balloon, and his apple pancake became a great trampoline.

Applefellers dedication in making the best desserts and e support from his trusty aid Stanley made him determined to find out how to not make his desserts change at the last minute.  They went on an adventure to the the island of Iambia to seek the help of Captain B. Rollie Ragoon, the dessert-making genius to find out the reason behind his bakes changing at the last minute.  With the captain’s help they finally managed to defeat Sweet and win the Silver Spoon.

My Thoughts

I liked how Dan had interwoven suspense and mystery together with silly characters and personification of food. I was really absorbed into reading the book that I didn’t want to put it down when I first started reading it. The author brings one into a magical world whereby using simple baking ingredients can lead to astonishing results like roller skating and flying apple pies.

There is the typical bad guy character with Sylvester S. Sweet  who is actually a fake and steals ideas and bakes from Captain Ragoon and passes it on as his own. He goes all out to ruin Applefeller but gets his just desserts in the end.

I like the message of ” by working hard and being disciplined one will be able to obtain the goal that one aiming for” as shown by Applefeller. This is a book which I would certainly recommend for young readers to help them think creatively.

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