Writer’s Workshop- Happy Mommy


Earlier on this week I wrote about the top ten task within my job and how hectic it can be sometimes as a mom. However difficult it may seem to cope with a extremely full platter it’s still the most rewarding job which I have.

Here is a list of 10 things which I love  and am thankful about motherhood.

  1.  I get to spend most of the time with my 3 darlings.
  2. I  learn something new each day from the kids.
  3. I get to actively participate in their growing up years and shower them with all the love and care that I can offer them.
  4. It’s a humbling experience but I do learn how to be a more patient and better person.
  5. Learning again from my kids how to enjoy the simplest things in life.
  6. It gives you the incentive to learn and do things that you never thought was possible.
  7. It makes you sit down and take note of your own actions and how they can impact the kids. You become less impulsive.
  8. I get to enjoy hugs and kisses and hear ” I love you” on a daily basis. It’s great being affirmed by your kids that they love you.
  9. I get to play dress up and do activities which I didn’t get to do when I was a child.
  10. It makes you cherish and enjoy what you have more then when you were not a parent.

What do you love about motherhood?
What’s your best memory about being a mother?


Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It