Writer’s Workshop: Grandparents Comming For Dinner

This week on Mama Kat’s  Writer’s workshop  I’m answering the prompt-

4.) Your significant others family is coming over in two hours..think about what’s in your kitchen. Now QUICK…what’s for dinner!?!

I don’t really have guest over for dinner. However if the grandparents do pop by they will be able to savour any of these  Japanese dishes. My kids love Japanese food so we have Japanese cuisine often in our household.

If I am feeling adventurous and am up to it on energy and drive they will be having the following.


Rice with breaded chicken, tempura brinjal, Agedashi tofu, chawamushi and green tea. It would take me approximately 2 hours to make this including the time taken for marinating the chicken.

However if I am short on time they will be having one of the following one dish meals.

Curried macaroni with garden vegetables and chicken nuggets.
It takes about an hour to prepare this meal.

 Cold soba noodles with crab stick and fish cake.
This will take about 1/2 hr to make.

What do you have for dinner?

Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It