Writer’s Workshop: From Last June to This June

Last year in June 2011 I was evaluating how  Monkey boy was faring in Primary 1. I wrote a short series on  Preparing for Primary  One and recounted my experience with my eldest  when he first entered elementary school. This year it’s time to prepare Doggie boy for Primary 1 as he will be entering elementary  school  come 2013.

I went on my 1st Trip without R and blogged about Ten Ways to Tackling a Holiday with 3 kids when I brought the kids to Penang, Malaysia

We celebrated our 10th Wedding anniversary with a dinner for 3 in Singapore

What remained the same

I’m still passionate about the same people as mentioned in My Greatest Passions


What has changed


Fast forward to this year we managed to go on a family trip with everyone to Korea and had a magical time at the Secret Garden at Everland. I’m posting on the blog daily and have added in giveaways in addition to reviews that I have done at Dominique’s Desk.

We celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary abroad in Korea.  We have been getting around more this June as compared to last June. The kids  have been to the  Army Open House,  on the Singapore Flyer, Singapore Art Museum and Singapore Philatelic Museum.
I'm a supermom
I’m currently writing a series called Supermom 101 on how I manage it all- house, family and career.


How has it changed from you  as compared to June last year?

Do you prefer it now or back then?

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