Visit to the Singapore Philatelic Museum

Last week I met up with some friends at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. It was my first time there and the kids were really interested to see how a “Stamp” museum was like.
The kids hit it off instantly and before I knew it Tiger girl had found a new friend and they were holding hands while viewing the exhibits.

my new friend

The museum was located within a 2 storey colonial building.  We started off looking at the exhibits on the ground level before moving upstairs.

Elehphant and dragon

Monkey boy checking out the elephant which was plastered with stamps from top to toe.

the boys

The boys having fun posing beside the elephant.

mail delivery

It was really a blast to the past seeing this scooter. Nowadays I see the postman riding bicycles instead to deliver the mail.

Tin Tin

One of the exhibits which was currently on. I loved reading Tintin comic books and watching the cartoon on the television when I was young.

trying out clog

There was a basket of clogs in one of the rooms which we visited. The kids had lots of fun trying out the clogs and they really made a very big din with it.


Mailboxes from all around the world.


More mailboxes which I feel will become antiques given the way our society is moving to being totally paperless one day.

The kids did not really enjoy the excursion to the Philatelic Museum as they were a tad too young to understand the significance behind stamps and how they help mark the passage of time over the years.

Maybe I should bring them back there when they are much older.

Is there a Philatelic Museum in your country too?