A Visit to Singapore Art Museum

Last week the kids and I went  to view the exhibits at this year’s Children’s Season at SAM. This year the exhibits were housed at 8Q instead of the main building.  The kids went there with my friend R  who blogs at Catch Fortywinks with her son K.

When we reached 8Q we decided to start of on the top floor and slowly make our way down to the entrance.

Our first stop was at the Glow in the Dark Garden where there were  glow in the dark origami flowers.

kids doing origami

The kids seated at the tables outside the garden learning how to make origami flowers.

glow in the dark garden

Here is a collage of the garden taken in 3 different modes. On the right is the garden under normal light( I used flash), The left (up) the garden using night vision mode and the glow in the dark garden (down) using no flash. There is really a stark difference in how the garden appears under different lighting and settings.

On the other side of the room was the 5QU1D a LED squid which changes colour as people more towards it.


The 2nd stop was at the Reactive wall whereby the pictures on the screen would pop up as fast as the sounds made. It seems that they are “voice activated” and the louder the sound make through the microphone the faster the pictures pop up on the screen.

voice activated art work

The other side of the room  was the Let’s Dance exhibit. The kids were taken to a small room where they could dance or act silly for about 5 minutes while they were being recorded. The recording was then played back on one of the small screens outside among the wall of screens.

dance wall

Our third stop was at The Art of Imagination . Pieces of art were made out of cardboard boxes in this section of the museum. The kids too were able to do some hands on by drawing on the boxes that made up the display.


Art of imagination


kids doing art

The kids busily crafting their masterpieces.

doggie boy and KDoggie boy and K decorating their boxes.

tic tac toe

While decorating the box Doggie boy got a bit bored so he decided to draw in tic-tac-toe instead on one of the sides.

In the room of Everyday Wonders the kids made some clay flower magnets using clips and keys to indent on the clay.

I didn’t get around to taking a picture of their magnets so here’s a picture of the magnets which were on the wall instead.

clay flowers

The kids did some colouring of trees and pasted them on the wall on the other side of this room.

kids colouring

The boys busy colouring their templates.

the beautiful collage

I love the collage made on the wall out of all the colourings done by the various kids who had visited SAM.

dress me up

This Dress Me Up section which was in one of the rooms was a recycled idea from last year. It wasn’t as impressive this year as the pieces were not even modified.  The whole set up was exactly the same as last years!! Talk about Art and creativity which was certainly lacking in this exhibit. The velcro pieces were also quite worn out after being kept for almost a year and the kids didn’t really enjoy playing dress up this year. They had more fun redesigning the wardrobe of the cut out dolls as you can see Monkey boy placing the shoes on the head as a hat instead of on the fit of the cut out.

Have you been to the SAM this year?

What are your thoughts on this year’s displays?