Top 10 Highlights of May

May has been a really jam packed month for me. There were so many things happening last month that it was hard even trying to find time to take a breather.

Here is a recap of  the highlights of the previous month.

yummy treat

1. I went for my 1st food tasting media invite at The Halia Restaurant which is situated within the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It was also the first time that I was bringing Tiger Girl for a sit down formal dining which lasted 3 hrs!!

2. I talked about the how it could be X-tra Special this Mother’s Day however it still waits for this special day to materialize. Maybe next year I will be luckier.

3. One of the highlights was the hosting of the May Bilingual Carnival where I got to read about and give my readers an inside to how other parents are raising their children to be bilingual. I contributed to the carnival with my piece on 3 tips on how to master comprehension.

the kids

4. I had breakfast out almost weekly with the kids and they really enjoy it. My breakfast buddies have a long list of places which they want to go for breakfast each week. I’m glad to spend the time with them enjoying our meal but it hasn’t been to kind to my wallet eating out so often.

the kids playing

It hasn’t been easy taking care of the kids.  There are 101 things to complete on a daily basis and I have been zipping around from dawn to dusk trying to finish everything for the past month.

Doing art

5. The kids had a try out at ArtSense Studio during one of the weekends. They had fun there and it was a great experience for them. However it only reaffirmed what I already knew.  The boys are not artistic talented and it was not necessary to waste money sending them for classes.

6. Being a mother had really changed my perception of things a lot. I blogged about How Motherhood has changed me. Has it changed you too?

Chicken Wrap

7. Chicken wrap is one of my favourite dishes which I like to eat. I started having cravings for wraps since I was studying in Melbourne.  Last month I bought some wholemeal wraps and made some myself so that I was able to fulfill my cravings.

boys and cars

8. The boys are currently obsessed with cars. Fast cars are all that they are interested in at the moment. You can see how thrilled they are when they spot a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche on the road while R or I was driving.

9. We had a guest post by Heidi of Simple Connections who shared her tips on the Jar of Fun ideas.

10. Not forgetting about Father’s Day which is happening later this month I wrote a piece on the List of things Husbands should do. Do you have a list for yours?


What were your highlights for May?

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