Writer’s Workshop: X-tra Special for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is in 10 days time. This year I doubt there will be anything special happening this year as R and I are not really into celebrating Mother’s Day. The kids are also too young to be able to plan anything special for me.

My perfect Mother’s Day would be one where all the following is able to come true.

1. Being able to sleep in and have a minimum of 6 hrs uninterrupted sleep from the night before.

2. Not being rushed to finish chores or to do tasks.

3. Having my own time to eat and finish it instead of “sharing” my food with the kids.

4. Receiving flowers.

5. Having the chance to go shopping and buy clothes for myself and not being rushed by the kids.

It would be bliss if all these come true.

What would your perfect Mother’s Day be like?

Do you see it happening this year?


Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It