Keeping Germs at Bay with Hand Washing

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Toddler Handwashing

Tiger girl rinsing her hands after washing it with soap

“Wash your hands. ” is a sentence you hear very often in my household. Before the kids settle down for dinner or after they have come back from playing in the park I make it a point to get them to wash their hands thoroughly to keep them clean.

Hand washing is an important affair in our household. The kids are constantly  reminded to get their hands washed before meals, when their hands are dirty, after using the bathroom  and after play outdoors. With the rise in the cases of HMFD I’m more  vigilant in making sure that they develop good hygiene practices. Washing their hands is the best way to prevent germs from spreading and to catch any infections which could turn deadly.


Washing hands with water will not remove the traces of germs and dirt which maybe on it. A good and effective soap coupled with the proper washing hands routine would give one the maximum protection against germs.  One not only needs to wash the palm of the hand but also the backs, between the fingers, the thumbs, the wrists and under the fingernails.  Lots of rubbing will make the liquid Lifebuoy soap  that we use lather well.

washing handsMonkey boy showing  his siblings the correct way to wash their hands

Doggie boy and Tiger girl are still learning how to wash their hands properly while Monkey boy has already mastered the correct technique. It only takes about 10 seconds using lifebuoy soap to  ensure that 99.9% of the germs are killed in the process.


Do you focus on hand washing with your kids too?


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