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Top 10 Highlights of April

April was a Rey busy month as I signed up for a four week bread baking class and a couple cooking class on the weekends. Each weekend was jam packed with activities as I attended class and we took the kids out to parks and shopping as their dad is home this month.

Here is a recap of the highlights of the month.

Eggs#1- Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce from our couple cooking class.Bread

#2- Bread baking is really different from cake making. It really takes much more effort and time as compared to making a cake. It can take between three and eight hours just to develop the dough before proofing, shaping it and getting it into the oven. A cake on the other hand only takes me the most two hours to bake and another one to two hours to decorate depending on the difficulty of the 3d design that was chosen. Cookies are the easiest to make as it only takes me about an hour max to shape and bake.
My Green Car

#3- We had a peak into the car when I listed the 10 things I have in my car.  What do you have in your car?
my oven

#4- Do you have an Ultimate Favourite?  My oven is mine!! It was my birthday present last year and I have been putting it to good use baking and grilling food for the kids.
wedding photo

#5- I wrote about one of the most important promises which I had made and am still keeping- The Vow

salmon dinner
#6 – We are big on healthy eating and getting the kids to eat right. Food is one of my passions and my kids share this passion too.
test success cover
#7- I read a few books but the most interesting one was Test Success as it gave me an inside to on how to analyze how my kids handle being in a Test situation and I was given the tools to teach them how to cope effectively.

#8- I had a Daddy guest post on Dominique’s Desk this month. He wrote a really funny piece of how he was coping with his kids while cooking turkey. Check out- This Capon is Cooked- So’s is my goose

#9- I’ve celebrated my 2K fan appreciation giveaway and it is still on till the 5th of May.

I’m really glad to have many new followers and readers here on Dominique’s Desk

#10-  After having my weight stagnant for a few months I managed to lose another 1.5kg and am currently 5kg away from my goal weight.

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10 Reasons Why you would want to be My Kid

The 3 kids

Being a kid does have lots of perks. They have lots of chances and privileges nowadays as compared to the time when we were a kid. Even though when they grow up they will face more challenges than we currently are facing I’m glad that they are living up being a child.

Here are 10 reasons why you would want to be my kid.

  1. You get lots of love, affection and care from everyone in the family who will dote on you.
    You will always be the prince and princess of the family and extend family.

  2. Presents and treats are aplenty and you don’t even need to wait till your next birthday.
    One needs to just casually mention that you like a certain thing (Ie: Angry Bird) and the grandparents/grand aunties will bring the related clothings , stationary   and toys back from their overseas trips or shopping trips for you.

  3. Traveling overseas happens  yearly and you get to visit many fun and scenic places.
    Last year alone the kids went to Penang, Malaysia, Bali, Indonesia and Hong Kong. This year there are plans to bring the kids to Port Dickson, Malaysia, Korea or Japan and maybe Hong Kong again to visit the family.
  4. You don’t have to be a genius but will get all your help to become the best you can be.
    There are two elementary school teachers and two ex- elementary school principals within the immediate family who are more then willing to coach you in English, Mandarin, Maths, Science, Arts & Crafts, Music and Sports.
  5. You get to go on play dates and holidays are always packed with activities
    Mummy is always there to make sure that you get a balance between study and play even during the holidays.
  6. You can ask to play the same CD a zillion times on the radio and won’t get chided for it.
     Music is highly regarded in our family and enjoying yourself by listening to your favourite CD will never get denied.
  7. You can have the weirdest ideas on how to celebrate your birthday and it may become a reality.
    Mommy  dearest will try her best to let you have a very memorable birthday. Personalized 3D cake, party favors, balloon sculptures etc .
  8. You are allowed to create messes. However you will have to clean up after yourself.
    I believe in letting the child experiment and learn from it. However they do need to be given the tools to be independent and clear up their own messes.
  9. You are allowed to make mistakes and will not be judged for them.
    Making mistakes and having errors are part and parcel of learning and growing up and the best time to make them is when you are a kid.
  10. You are allowed to play WII/ games daily.
    That is provided you have finished all homework and chores for the day.

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