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Top 10 People I would invite to Dinner

Baked Fish

I’m not for having big parties or dinners at home. Having a crowd overwhelms me at times. I find it quite difficult to make small talk at times and feel awkward at the table. However I’m not one to say NO to good company. I’m grateful enough that they do take time off to spend time with me. I rather be with people that I know than with a group of total strangers. However I do make an effort to get to know new people and go for gatherings.

Here is a list of Top 10 people who I will invite to dinner.

  1. My favourite GuyMy all time favourite guy- R
  2. My Girlfriends.
  3. My Ex-collegues.
  4. My cousin V.
  5. My Mom
  6. My Dad
  7. My In-Laws
  8. Monkey Boy
  9. Doggie Boy
  10. Tiger Girl

Who would you invite to dinner?

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Top 10 Things I’ll Miss and some which I won’t

singapore waterfront

I’ve been staying in Singapore for more then half my life. However if situation calls for it and we do have to move away from this island city to another corner of the world there will be several things which I will surely miss while some which I certainly won’t

10 Things which I would miss.

  1. My family members.
    I will miss meeting up weekly with my parents, sister and grandmother for lunch. The kids too will miss hanging out with their grandparents.
  2. My friends and buddies
    It won’t be the same just chatting online without meeting up with them for lunch or tea. The kids also won’t have so much fun as there will be lesser chances for them to meet up with their play date buddies.
  3. The convenience of getting food 24/7
    We stay near amenities so it is really easy to get food and other daily necessities as and when the run out. There is also a great selection of food and even deliveries to our area if we do decide not to cook and to order in for  dinner instead.
  4. Feeling safe where we live
    Having stayed abroad before and seeing crime being rampant even during broad daylight I’m really blessed to be staying in Singapore at the moment. I don’t have to worry daily about the kids being mugged while on the way to school or going back home.
  5. Seeing Flora and Fauna all around.
    I love the greenery and flowers that greet me every morning when I look out of the window and drive along the highway while sending Doggie boy to school.  It is really refreshing and relaxing looking at flowers while being on the road. It helps me to keep “cool” too with all the drivers rushing to get to work on time.
  6. Our house
    We bought our first house here almost 10 years ago and it would certainly created lots of lovely memories for us as we moved from couple hood to parenthood.
  7. Inconsiderate people who smoke in the car park or besides the lift lobby.
    Even though they have banned smoking at these areas I still have to pinch my nose and walk pass doubly fast with the kids to prevent them from the ill effects of 2nd hand smoke. I have YET to see anyone being fined or publicly shamed for flouting the LAW. South Korean are really much more civilized in this aspect as they only restrict themselves to certain areas and smokers there are really much better behaved then those here!!
  8. The high cost of living
    The price of daily items and other essentials have skyrocketed within the last 10 years. Many things have quadrupled even though wages have stagnated resulting in diminished purchasing power.
  9. The crowds and jams
    I really dislike the throngs of people I see everywhere. Everyone is rushing to get from one place to another without being really considerate towards each other. You can say I rather live in a small town where people take the time to really get to know each other.
  10. Workplace bureaucracy
    I don’t regret leaving my workplace to be home with the kids.Dealing with office politics and playing games at work is not my ideal way of spending my life. I rather be with the people who truly appreciate me.



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