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Ten Things Which I loved about our Wedding

Wedding photo

Our wedding day 16th June 2001

The Wedding day is one of the most memorable day that one can have. It is the day that marks the official start of your journey as a MRS and life together as a couple.

Here are many things which I remember about that day which bring back sweet memories for me.


1. We bought all the dresses worn for the two wedding ceremonies that we had from China.
This saved us quite  a bit as rental was expensive and we could keep the dress for use way after the wedding. I still have the wedding dress with me and am looking forward to fitting back into it (hopefully by year end) once I get to my ideal weight.


2.We had a buffet lunch at a country club for our Singapore wedding reception.
It wasn’t the norm at the time but I decided to do away with the traditional sit down Chinese dinner and opp for buffet instead so that there is more interaction between our guest and it would be easier to entertain them. Having the reception at the country club saved us quite a fair bit of money as we were able to get the rooms/buffet reception at a much more reasonable rates then the 5 star hotels were giving us at the time.


3.We did all the arrangements by ourselves and things were settled 6-12 months in advance.
Advanced planning did help us have a clearer picture of what we would like/wouldn’t like at our  wedding. It also gave us the opportunity to test out if our ideas would work without being stressed out due to the impending deadline.


One can never have too many flowers. I remembered my bouquet was made out of peach roses and the wedding car was decorated with them too. It was extra memorable for me as I personally picked out the roses from the wholesale outlet and did up both the car and bouquet on the day of the wedding itself.


5.It was a hassle free day
The  church wedding was scheduled for noon so we had lots of time to go to the hairdressers to get my hair done, get the car made up and drive all the way to church. There was no need to wake up at some ungodly hour and sufficient timing  for rest between church, tea ceremony and dinner buffet.

6.The Groom was on time
It was one of the rare occassions whereby he was there at the appointed time. He didn’t even have to fetch the bride as we agreed to meet in church just before the wedding. If you remember during our 1st date in Melbourne I had to wait about 4 hours at the train station for him after he missed his train connection from Geelong to Melbourne. Talk about role reversals and getting the lady to wait for the guy.

7.The proposal
It was one of the most high tech one which I have seen. He actually proposed to me online with a website he had created. The best part of it is that you could only click “YES” there was no option for  “No” ( Not saying that it would be one of my choices).

8.The Wedding Rings
Our rings were bought two years ago before the wedding. It was decided on even before he popped the question.  I remember we purchase the rings when we decided to go steady one new year’s eve.


9.Great choices of beverages
We wanted all our guest to be happy at our wedding and there was free flow or red/white wine and even a variety of hard liquor besides the standard soft drink offering. The best thing was no body ended up drunk and caused a row.


10.  My Honeymoon with three guys
I had a short honeymoon in Thailand with 3 guys. R and his 2 friends ( best man and photographer  who came down from HK for our wedding). I told R that it didn’t count as a honeymoon whereby it was just for the two of us so he has to bring me on another one. So far we managed a couple trip to East Malaysia after Monkey boy was born and Macau after Doggie boy was born. Maybe we should plan for another couple trip soon now that Tiger girl has turned 2 yrs old.


What do you remember about your wedding?

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Top 10 Highlights of August


Hearty Breakfast

August has been a month of feasting for me. The kids were treated to breakfast at the airport as I decided a change from our normal breakfast routine at home.

birthday cake1.  I celebrated my 34th birthday and met up with many of my friends to celebrate. Birthday celebration started a week early with a lunch buffet with my friends at Traders hotel. I love the slice of tiramisu topped with strawberries which was served towards the end of the meal.

Tiger girl in her uniform

2.August marked a new milestone for Tiger Girl as she entered playgroup. She now goes to school with Doggie boy and enjoys spending time in school. Doesn’t she look cute in her uniform?


3. It was bags and cheesecake as I bought new school bags for all of the kids and resumed baking. This time instead of doing a  one flavoured cheesecake I decided on a marble cheesecake which had chocolate added inside.

chocolate brownie

4. If cheesecake is something which you don’t really fancy then how about some chocolate brownie instead? This was the 2nd birthday cake which I baked myself that was cut on my birthday itself.

chocolate cake

5. More on chocolate cake. During an outing with some friends I was introduced to a cafe which  serves really yummy chocolate cakes and tarts.


6. I really had my fill of chocolate cake with the chocomisu I baked last week. It was the third bake that I did in August and I really have had too much cake.

Rock climbing

7. The boys had a blast scaling the walls when we were invited for a free play session at The Rock School.

Tiger girl painting

8. Tiger girl had fun painting and creating her own unique masterpiece at Hearts Studio. It’s an excellent place if you are looking for signing up your child for art classes.

the 3 kids

9. I shared on how I do it all – creating blog content in between my hectic daily schedule and how precious seeing the kids enjoying sibling love is to me.

Tiger girl on the  Go Kart

10. We have been having more sun this month and during  one of the weekend  we took the kids out for bowling and go kart fun.

How was August for you?

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