heART Studio- A Review

the corridor

During the weekend the kids were invited for a trial class at Heart Studio. It was the first them that the kids were attending lessons in an art school and they were looking forward to the lessons.

the corridor

There were three classrooms in the art studio and I had to shuttle between all three as Monkey boy, Doggie boy and Tiger girl were all attending trial classes at the same time in the different rooms. The theme for the day was flowers and all three kids were taught to draw flowers using different techniques and mediums.

Little Dali class

Tiger girl was assigned to the Little Dali Class for 3 to 4 yr olds. At the class they were taught to draw sunflowers or daisies using paint and crayon.

Tiger girl in class

Before the class started she was given some color pencils and a sheet of paper to doodle around. When the class proper started they were given little pieces of canvas to paint on. The teacher started off making them paint the background by letting the students chose one color and paint on the whole canvas. Tiger girl chose yellow for her background.


Tiger girl drying the painting

After the whole canvas was painted the students too turn to use the hair dryer to dry their canvas before they could work on the actual flower.

teacher teaching

The teacher explained to the students the two different types of flowers which they could draw and color. They could do a sunflower or a daisy.

under the teacher's guidance

Next it was onto the picture proper. The students were told to choose a color and paint a circle in the middle of their canvas. That would be the centre of the flower. Tiger girl chose pink and happily painted over the yellow. Next they were to draw in the petals of the flower using a third  color.  She wasn’t really able to follow what the teacher taught her and ended up with a rather abstract painting instead of a flower portrait.  However it was really commendable effort that she could sit through the class and paint alongside the classmates who were 2-3 years older then her.

doggie boy painting.

While Tiger girl was painting, Doggie boy was at the room next door creating his masterpiece.  Doggie boy was in the Little Picasso class for 5 to 6 yr olds and they were working on using pastels and soft crayon to color their flowers.

doggie boy painting

Doggie boy too had to work on his background before they drew in the flower. He chose to do a sunflower and was guided on how to create the painting.

Monkey boy painting

Monkey boy was in the Young Van Gogh class for 7 to 12 yr olds and was instructed on how to replicate a sunflower from a printed picture.


completed artwork

I was most impressed with his art work as it not only showed the different textures but also included the blending of colours  using paint.

the kids art

The kids masterpieces


My thoughts

I was really impressed by the quality of the art work that the kids produced after a one hour trial lesson.  The teachers are really good in imparting their skills to the students. Th boys actually learned some techniques in art and it was not just a craft making session. The art studio was brightly lit and painted in very inviting colours . The kids also had a great time and were fully engaged in their lesson.

I strongly recommend heART  Studio if you are intending to send your kids for art classes. For the readers of Dominique’s Desk Heart Studio is offering a 5% off  when  you  quote the code HSTSMB2 upon sign up of 10 lessons for a term.

heART Studio

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Dislaimer: We were invited to attend a trial lesson at heART studio. All opinions are 100% my own.