Writer’s Workshop: Now How Do you Do That?


This week the writing prompt really called out to me. I chose prompt #4- Share your writing process. How long does it take an idea in your head to get published on your blog?

I have many ideas which just pop in my head daily. Many a times I wish to write them down in drafts and work on them but do not have the opportunity to do so.I t would be great if I could sit down and in one sitting compose the post which I want to write on from start to finish without any interruptions. Just let my thoughts flow our in words and type away happily at the keyboard.

Unfortunate the chance for this to happen is extremely rare and few unless I happen to start on my post in the middle of the night when everyone is already fast asleep.  The kids will come around and distract me with their wants and needs which I have to attend to on most occasions immediately. I have to put aside what I am doing on the laptop to deal with them.Only after everything has been attended to then I am able to return to what I originally started/wanted to do here on the blog.

For this particular post that you are currently reading I started writing it out at 7.30am this morning but as the current time of 11am it has yet to be completed. I had to shelf it to prepare breakfast, get the kids ready , send them to school, do my daily car run, get the groceries and back home again. After returning home I still had to deal with other issues like preparing lunch, coaching Monkey boy ,doing the laundry and checking through my inbox while having an online discussion with members of my group I can now settled down to complete this post.

You may be wondering how then can I keep focus and do so many things simultaneously?  I use 5 minute spurts to compete the tasks that I have at hand. Be it blogging or housework or coaching the kids.  I craft the post that I intend to write for the day in my head and map it all out so that when I am at the computer I do not need to waste time thinking of the words to write about and getting it all together.

It gets easier after time and with much practice. It does help that I do know how to speed read and speed type so that I am able to get my blogging done more easily. Total time taken to complete this post 4hr 30 minutes. That’s an achievement for today!!

How do you get your ideas down in your blog?

Do you too get distracted along the way?


Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It