Writer’s Workshop: Princess Tiger

Enjoying a Kiddy ride

Enjoying a Kiddy ride

Out of the three kids Tiger girl is one who is just like me. All my friends and relatives say she really looks like a Mini Me. At nearly 3 years old she is a really a little girl who knows what she wants.

She can clearly state her preferences and is very assertive. She tells you straight up what she likes and dislikes.

She really  behaves like a Little Miss.

Both of us love eating strawberries and love Japanese food.  She loves all things Hello Kitty and loves hugging her teddy bears to sleep.

She is not really into dressing up and dolling herself up but is more an active and hands on person. A sporty little girl who likes running around and playing in the park.

She is very caring and protective of her siblings and like a mother hen will remind them to pick up after themselves(imitating my actions at times).



Tiger girl and me

Tiger girl and me

I can’t remember the actual age when this photo was taken but she really looks and behaves like me when I was a kid. We even have the same hairstyle.

Do your children resemble you when you were young?

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