Couple Cooking Class – Our 1st Kitchen Date

On Sunday R and I went for our 1st Kitchen Date. We signed up for a couple cooking class at ToTTs. On the Menu were Mushroom Risotto, Nutless Brownies, Classic Eggs Benedict, Classic Hollandaise Sauce and Rocket Wrapped with Parma Ham.
mushroom Risotto

Cooking Mushroom Risotto

This was one of the most tiring dish which I made that day.  The constant stirring and pouring of chicken broth was exhausting.

eggs benedict

Egg Benedict on smoked salmon (left) and on fried bacon (right)

eggs with sauce

Eggs Benedict with the Hollandaise sauce.

handsome chef

My  Handsome R

parma ham

Rocket wrapped with Parma Ham

It was a fun class and both R and I enjoyed ourselves. Am looking forward to more of such activities together.