Writer’s Workshop:What I Miss About Being Alone

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It has been a long while since I really have time alone. Ever since the kids were born it has been really been difficult to get time alone. Every day I have to steal micro seconds out of the jam packed schedule just to get a breather. It is a real luxury to be able to sit back on the couch and watch a bit of television. Gone were the days where I could do what I like and set my own schedule.

Here is a list of things which I miss about being alone

  1.  I miss  being able to curl up in a chair and read a book from start to end.
  2. Getting enough sleep.
  3. Being able to enjoy a leisure meal.
  4. Getting to finish my meal on my own without sharing it with someone and  end up still hungry after an hour.
  5. Having the TV on AXN or FOX instead of Disney Junior or Cartoon Network all the time.
  6. Being able to shop for clothes  without rushing through the shop
  7. Enjoying the quiet. No shouting , screaming or whining in the background.
  8. Spending as much time as I want on my hobbies.
  9. Getting time to sit and relax.
  10. Not having to have loads of laundry or chores to be done daily.

Do you miss being alone? 

Do you prefer where you are now or rather be somewhere you were before?

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18 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop:What I Miss About Being Alone”

  1. I try to carve out ‘me time’… and try to set aside every Fri morning for this, as it’s the only day where I don’t have to rush out and drive the kids anywhere. That one morning a week is good enough for me, as I also get to do my stuff after the kids are in bed every night.

    1. @Buckeroomama,
      It’s great that you get to carve out “me time” for yourself. I’m trying my best to get some daily but it’s really limited to after everyone has gone to bed and sometimes it’s already past 12am by then.

  2. Sometimes I miss being alone. Then I look at my nearly 16 year old son and I realize my girls will soon be grown and gone and I will, once again, be alone. So, for now, I enjoy the company!

  3. Sometimes I miss being alone, but then when I find the time to be alone, I am in a hurry to get back to the craziness, Hmmmm.

  4. The older I get, the faster the days go by. I remember all the craziness when the children were here, and I had very little time to myself. Now they are grown, with children of their own. I enjoy being able to come and go as I please, and reading a good book by myself, but sometimes I sort of miss hearing “MOM!!!”

  5. I’ve come out the other side now because my kids are grown, and I have more time to myself. I love it. I love when the grand kids visit and then I love the quiet when they leave!

  6. I’m in the Empty Nest stage of life so for the most part I have all the alone time I want. I can remember the days of not being able to sit down till after bed time. I’m satisfied with where I am now and have no desire to be back in another season of my life…

  7. I must have alone time. Even if it is just to go to the grocery store in peace and quiet. Just last night I went to have my hair done. In spite of the noise of the blowdryers and the chatting and the music, I enjoyed it because none of that noise involved me in any way!

    You must take time for yourself. Even if you get a babysitter for the little ones for 1 hour, once a week so you can take a bath with the water running at full blast and the ventilation fan rattling away to block out all of the distractions beyond the close and locked bathroom door.

    I feel like I am in th autumn of my life and since autumn is my favorite season of the year anyway, I think all in all, I am happy with where I am now.

  8. I definitely miss SILENCE!! I have a very extroverted kid who needs to share every thought that goes through her head lol…

  9. Since I don’t have children it is a little hard to imagine never having time for oneself. For me it would be difficult to give up my “me” time. I hope you can find a few minutes all to yourself.

  10. You’ll get those times back again before you know it. And you may not like it so much. And then there’ll come a time when it’s OK and you’re happy with the aloneness. (That’s where I am, you see!)

  11. I miss being alone, but I am alone a lot when I am blogging so, I guess no, I have enough alone time. And now, I have enough time to myself too, even it if’s at work.

  12. I love where I am now…I have enough time alone, and not alone. It is a good mixture of duties, and time for myself even when I spent lots of it online, as it is my job.

  13. My girls have just left home and now I miss the noise! I miss hearing their music, I miss hearing their friends coming in and out of the house. I even miss the slamming doors when they would get mad. They grow up so fast and once they go off to college, that’s it. Have a great weekend and I hope you get a moment to yourself soon. Nan

  14. There are times When I really enjoy my quiet, alone time….

    And other times I love my house full of Wild grands…

    I truly treasure the time I spend With my family though…

    Wonderful post for the letter W.

    Thanks for linking.


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