Writer’s Workshop: Ultimate Favourite

my oven
My Oven is my ultimate favourite thing to have in the house. It was my birthday present from hubby two years back and my love for it is still going strong. I love the big capacity of 40L and ability to do two trays of cupcakes at the same time when I bake.

It’s a breeze to bake chicken nuggets/ fish fingers and heat up stuff using the oven. I’m using it more often these days then the microwave oven which sits right next to it. Even though it is a conventional microwave oven which can bake cakes too the texture and look pales in comparison to cake that come out freshly baked in an oven.

There are so many different things that I can bake/cook with the oven.

Here are some bakes which I have done in it.

egg tartTraditional Chinese Egg Tart

baked cod fishBaked cod fish

home baked pizza

Home baked Pizza

 Very soon I’ll be having freshly baked bread from that oven too!!  Baguettes, multi-grain loaves etc.

What is your ultimate favourite gadget in the house?

What makes it rank supreme as compared to others ?

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23 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Ultimate Favourite”

  1. I think it is my stove top. I use it ALL the time because I cook so much but I do like my oven also. I make almost everything from scratch so they both get a really good workout!

  2. Dishwasher! I had 10 years without so having one is wonderful.

    I bet all the Americans are like “how teeny is that oven?” but ours is 33L so I’m jealous of your big one!

    1. @Jen,
      With the space constrains in Asia our appliances are naturally smaller however they are certainly handy. I’ve never used a dishwasher before and don’t think I will be needing one as now the kids do help out with the dishes.

  3. Ours is the thermomix! Made my cooking a loooooooot easier 🙂 I love our oven too as I have recently acquired love for baking… but the thermomix is our latest acquisition (from last year) and so far it has been a very nice investment. I thought nothing can outperform kitchen aid until we got the thermomix!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. @Spanish Pinay,
      I don’t have a thermomix but a Kenwood Tiatianium at home which is seriously under used at home.. need to start using it for more functions just then whipping up cake batter.

  4. I just bought a wok and its my favorite, right now. We have four children, so it makes cooking for a large family much easier. I am envious of your baking skills!

  5. Hi there, I have a toaster oven bought in 2000, it is made by Cuisine Art. An awesome little thing, that can toast, bake and broil. I use the broil function when it is raining outside and I can’t use my outdoor grill – it works just as good as the grill. It has digital displays too, and I love it. I would really miss it if it ever goes out.

    Thanks for linking and the questions.

  6. My oven is the worst thing ever. I bought it two years ago and it is such a lemon. Just wish they would come and take it back! (I’m working on that…)

    My washer and dryer are probably my best appliances.


  7. That egg tart looks scrumptious! I actually like my oven to be underneath the stove top, so all the “heat” things are together. Great for an Ultimate Favorite!

    1. @Jeannette,
      We didn’t put a build in oven when we moved into this house as I wasn’t into baking then. Getting an oven was an after thought. Luckily we do have ample counterspace so we could get a table top one.

  8. Goodness, choose?? I love my juicer, blender, mixer, chopper, toaster oven. I can’t choose. If one goes out, I will replace it. My wonderful creations rank high when they save time, help prepare healthier food, and ease the work load.

  9. I was spoiled all my life growing up with a dishwasher and it wasn’t until I moved into my current house that I realized I’d be living without one. Imagine going back to life without the oven. I need a dishwasher!!! I’d probably change my tune too if my kids were old enough to do dishes on their own.

  10. My Ultimate favorite thing in my house is my Le Creuset dutch oven….

    It cooks things Unbelievably evenly and I was Using it almost every day to cook dinner!

    Those things you cooked turned out amazing!

    Great post for the letter “U”!

    Thanks for linking.


  11. hmmm..torn between the stove and the dishwasher, giggle. thank you for linking up to the Thursday hop. Sorry I’m behind in saying thank you. My recent post will explain my delay.Hope to see you again this Thursday. xo

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