SOC: April Madness and Fitness Routine

April has really been a busy month for me.  Tiger girl has been sleeping less during the day and is getting more and more demanding daily as she grows bigger. There has been very little time to carry out daily exercises on the Wii and she can’t wait to grab her shoes and leave the house  and go out shopping or for a walk. The workouts I get now are chasing after her and her brothers and carrying her around when we are out.

The kids routines and mine have changed a bit as we did away with the school bus for Doggie boy and I have been sending him to school and fetching him daily. I’ve better control of my time and am having more time in the morning to complete all the housework, grocery shopping and cooking of lunch. The bad thing is that we have been going out for tea time more often and spending more since Tiger girl refuses to stay home as she knows I have access to the car.

I’m also having much lesser time to myself online which has been good and bad in a way. It takes longer for me to craft a blog post.  I got the window open for this post in the morning but only am able to sit down and write now in the late afternoon as the girl is taking a short nap.

The good thing is that I’ve managed to lose some weight and am currently down to 61kg as I’m eating less(Another 5 kg to ideal now). Not by choice but because Tiger girl is eating much more. She has an eye on my food and has been demanding that I share my lunch with her even after she has finished eating her  portion.  I guess that it’s good she is “helping” me control my portion.