Birds and Flowers

Yellow Hibicus
Yellow Hibiscus

Brightly colored flowers are what I love looking at.  I’ve seen many red  and pink hibiscus but this one really caught my eye. A yellow hibiscus. I  seldom see hibiscus in this color and it was certainly worth a second glance.

A pinkish red bloom
A pinkish red bloom

I saw this flower in a hanging pot while walking up the ramp to Penang Hill from the train station.  Doesn’t it look lovely? I wouldn’t mind  to have some pots hanging outside the house.

The ginger flower
The ginger flower

I saw this flower as we entered the Ginger garden at Penang Hill. It was our first time seeing so many different types of ginger. There is a ginger garden too at the Singapore Botanic Garden and maybe I should revisit the place with the kids  during the next holidays.

Peacock in an enclosure
Peacock in an enclosure

There was a  bird enclosure at the Ginger garden and were fascinated by the birds we saw.  The kids spotted this peacock in an enclosure.

A close up of the peacock's feathers
A close up of the peacock’s feathers

It  was a pity the peacock didn’t open up it’s tail feathers when we were there or it would have been an awesome to be able to snap such a shot.

Red eye blue bird
Red eye blue bird- Crowned Pigeon

I saw this interesting looking red eye bird called a crowned pigeon at another enclosure. It was the first time I saw a bird with blood red eyes.  It looks really ominous to me.

Another shot of the same bird
Another shot of the same bird

I do love the sky blue of its feathers as it’s a really lovely color.  However this is not a bird which I would like to admire in an aviary.

A parrot
A parrot

I love the vibrant colors on the parrot’s body. The different colors of Red and blue make it pleasant to the viewing eye.

What have you spotted lately?

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30 thoughts on “Birds and Flowers”

  1. I always admire the beautiful landscapes at the BCD near our home. It gives the environment a “greener” look. Sometimes I wish I could just take it home with me! 🙂

  2. All these pictures are beautiful.I always love capturing flower photography.They always give some colourful captures….
    I specially like the close-up of peacock feathers.It looks wonderful….

  3. Hari Om
    Oh the crowned pigeon is one I have seen in Taronga Zoo (Sydney) and I think it hails from PNG… the red eyes are a bit out of place, but the plumage is magnificent. Adoring the warm colours of your flower shots! YAM xx

  4. I really love the colours which you captured through your photos! Nature is so beautiful. I bet you waited quite a while for the peacock 🙂

  5. You take lovely pictures! I can’t wait to get my own DSLR camera so I can also learn to take good photos. I’m interested in food photography.

  6. Birds and flowers are good subject for picture-taking. They’re colorful and their identity could be well emphasized a vivid take and or the quality of the camera used. Birds sometime are difficult to take for they’re moving unless the camera speed is sufficient enough to capture the object. (3rd comment – Gil Camporazo)

  7. I can see myself in you. I also love to admire the beauty of everything that surrounds me especially those that have something to do with nature. It gives me some kind of happy feeling. 🙂

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