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Preparing for exams- 3 Tips for Parents

This month being the month of Examinations here in Singapore I am writing a post  on Preparing for Exams as a guide on how parents can help their kids during this stressful period


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With the exams just around the corner for most Singaporean kids most of their parents have caught the ” Examination Fever”. Twice a year when their kids sit for the Semestral Assessment parents get very anxious and stressed up and they themselves feel as it they too are sitting for the exam.

Here are some tips  on how to make the  examination period a less stressful time for both parent and child.

  1. Have a regular study schedule for your child.
    It would be more beneficial if your child studies and does revision for each subject  on a regular basis. Cramming at the last minute maybe overwhelming for your child as he may not be able to remember everything at one go.I suggest to let your child  start revision at the end of the topic or two topics.This would ensure that your child truly understands the concepts and theories thought to them. Any misconceptions or queries on that topic could be timely addressed and cleared promptly.
  2. Do not have unrealistic Grades expectation of child.
    Expecting your child to get at least a score of 95 marks out of 100 puts unrealistic demands on your child if he isn’t  a high performer. You child can suffer from low self-esteem if he is unable to meet your expectation even though he has tried his best.It is more advisable to peg the targeted grade to about 5- 10 marks above what he is capable of achieving depending on the  perceived difficult of the upcoming exam. This will make your child more motivated to work hard as they feel that the result is attainable.
  3. Do not be harsh or impatient towards your child while you are coaching him.
    The most demoralizing thing for a child is him perceiving himself as “stupid” as he is constantly being scolded for making mistakes or not understanding what is being taught.If your child believes that he is useless in Maths and will never be able to pass the subject he would have given up even without trying. This would be exasperating for both parent and child.A child would do better if the parent is constantly encouraging him to try his best and give the relevant support that he needs to reach his potential in academic excellence.

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Tips on flying with toddlers

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Flying with toddlers can be a nightmare at times. This is especially true if the toddler starts scream and shouting or crying in flight. There is no exit door and place to bring him for a time out till he cools down and composes himself.

I would like to share with you  are some tips on how I manage to have a hassle free flight with the kids.

Tip #1- Bring along some pen and paper  and sticker activity  books.

My 2yr and 4yr old love doodling and having spare pencils and papers really do help to keep them momentarily occupied for a minimum  of 10-15 minutes.  My younger one loves for me to draw fishes on the paper for him while his older brother would draw in train tracks and trains.

The boys go ballistic with stickers and love sticking in the various stickers on the relevant pages. It is also a fun way for them to learn.

Tip #2- Have some palm size toys around for them to play with.

Die-cast Thomas the train engines and matchbox cars are a staple in my handbag these few years. With a train or car in hand my boys will be using the plates, chopsticks or even coasters as tracks as they move their toy all around the dining table while waiting to be served.

Tip #3- Pre load cartoons into your mobile/PDA or bring along a portable VCD/PSP

If you are traveling budget like I did there isn’t any in-house movies/show to watch during the flight. By pre loading/downloading Thomas the Train, Barney and other movies onto hubby’s  3G phone  it kept them occupied for nearly an hour. Do remember to pack along spare batteries for your phone though.

Tip #4- Bring along their favourite snacks.

Having their chocolate sticks, strawberry milk and other snack food available will keep your child happy and satisfied. They can quietly sit there on the seat and munch away as mine did during the flight.

Tip #5- Try not to let them nap before the flight.

Every time we travel by air I would make it a point to keep the boys fully occupied  with various activities to prevent them from falling asleep and taking a nap.  It seems to work as when the plane takes off the sound of the engine and the movement of the plane works as instant soothers to lull them off to sleep resulting them in “shutting off” for at least an hour or two.

With these 5 tips in hand are you better equipped in handing your toddler on a flight?