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Preparing for Primary 1- A Four Part Series

*The kids and I are on vacation this week so instead of the normal posting schedule I’ll be running a short series which has been requested by our readers who are looking for a better understanding of our
Singapore Schooling System.

Monkey Boy with his gift from his form teacher.

Six months ago I was asked by a reader on how to prepare her son for Primary One. Her son is currently 4 yrs old and would have to register for primary school in two years time. She was interested to know what were the requirements in terms of education level and syllabus which her son had to cover in order to be on par with his peers before he enters primary school.

At that time I hesitated to answer her query. I wanted to give her  a more detailed account with my first hand experience with Monkey Boy as he goes through the first semester as a Primary One student.

In this four part series I will be tackling the following issues

  1. Registration Process for Primary 1
  2. What is expected of your child.
  3. Before  Primary 1
  4. Preparation for the 1st day of School

Stay tuned!!

Weekend Reflection- Planning Ahead



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As the year is coming to an end I can’t help thinking about Ryan and that he will be in K2 (Kindergarten 2) next year. 2010 will be the year that we will be registering him for Primary One .  I have already decided on which school to place him in and that is less one hassle for me.
My students just finished their end of year examinations and I had the opportunity to look at the Primary 1 papers. It seems that Ryan is up to par in the preparation for transition from Kindergarten to Elementary school. I just need to give him more practice in Mathematics.

I also took a look at the Secondary school selection which was given out to the Primary Six students.  Scanning through the various pages which listed the achievements of the different secondary school it got met thinking about what I will have to do after the kids enter primary school.

The emphasis nowadays is on a holistic environment and overall development of the child.  I intend to let Ryan and Roy try out all the different sports they are interested in and then choose a sport or two to master.

Do you also plan ahead?

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